Welcome to Injunuity, an animated documentary about contemporary Native American thought Directed by Adrian Baker. Starting in March 2013, a new short piece will roll out every month featuring animation of different themes ranging from Native American language preservation to a comedy skit by the 1491s. Injunuity features music by AudioPharmacy and illustrations by Jesse Hernandez.

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Injunuity: Buried

Featuring Corrina Gould. Ohlone activist and educator Corinna Gould talks about the destruction of sacred sites, with a focus on the shellmounds in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Injunuity: Turtle Island

Three super heroes (the Three Sisters) share their thoughts on the environment and the concept of environmentalism as they protect Turtle Island from an Evil Spirit. Featuring Rhiana Yazzie (Navajo/Diné), Monica Nuvamsa (Hopi) and Lyz Jaakola (Anishinaabe).

Injunuity: Tongues

An exploration on the cultural, historical and educational significance of Native language preservation. Featuring Tom Phillips (Kiowa), Alfredo Didrickson (Tlingit, Inuit) and Shawna Claw (Navajo/Diné).

Injunuity: Anthem

A re-interpretation of our national anthem, featuring the voice of 18-year-old Braunwyn Walsh (Navajo/Diné).

Injunuity: Wampum

Economics and Greed

Injunuity: The Great Law

The Haudenosaunee, a confederation of tribes, had already been practicing representative democracy for hundreds of years before settlers arrived. How much influence did they have on our Founding Fathers? Featuring voiceover by Donald Grinde, Professor of Native American Studies at the University of Buffalo.

Injunuity: Rez Babies

Featuring the 1491s. A harshly comedic glimpse of rez life, from the point of view of two babies, Scar and Tattoo, as they try to make it through a normal day with their health and dignity intact.